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Success has a structure, and Beyond Formation shows startups at every stage how to see it—and how to build it. Our customizable blueprint is based on proven, real-world business and investment expertise and empowers founders to align stakeholders, attract funders, and achieve their most exciting and aggressive goals.
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If you don't have a lot of practical business experience—and many founders don't—you are learning how to build your company as you go. And like any type of construction, mistakes can be costly. See why foundational business knowledge has been the secret of Geoff Blaisdell's success and why he is so excited to share it with founders like you.

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Startups that maximize their valuation build their business as well as they build their product and services.

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The Beyond Formation Blueprint outlines an agile, easy-to-implement system for building the strongest possible business around your big idea. And as you fill in your Blueprint, we are behind you every step of the way.

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“ I have been taking founder risks on my start-up for a number of years before Geoff joined me on this journey. After conducting his due diligence he brought that same appetite for risk and shared my vision from day one.”

— Rowly Hirst, co-founder and CEO at Forum 360

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Fewer than 10% of startups that raise a seed round successfully raise a series A investment.


of startups around the globe fail. Nearly 10% of them fail in year one.


of successful companies have a mechanism to evaluate their strategy daily.

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