6 Secrets That All Smart Investors Know

Beyond Formation Startup Roadmap

Here’s a hard truth: Investors know when a business is built on air. That means yours can’t be. No matter where you are in the startup cycle, smart supporters are inspecting and grading you — checking that you’ve done the necessary work on strategy, product, startup roadmap, team, go-to-market, funding, and operations.  With decades of experience in the startup world, most … Read More

6 Essential Steps for Building a Successful Startup

Beyond Formation scaling your business

When you’re starting your own business, everyone wants to give you advice. Someone’s cousin owns an accounting firm or their best friend’s roommate had a business go bankrupt. They’ve all read Steve Jobs’ biography or watched the “Silicon Valley” television series. And they’re eager to tell you the dos and don’ts of startup culture and even recommend marketing strategies or … Read More

How Startup Funding Really Works

Beyond Formation Startup Funding Rounds

As a founder, you may feel that most of your time is spent asking for money, time you would rather spend working on your product or go-to-market (GTM) strategy. But that’s just how the startup world works. Founders who can see and understand the contingencies involved in startup funding rounds can maximize their fundraising time and more accurately forecast their … Read More

5 Ways to Build a Strong Startup Culture

Beyond Formation Startup Culture

Have you heard the medieval parable of the three bricklayers? A traveler was crossing a strange land when he came across three men working on the same task. He asked them what they were doing. The first man said, “I am making bricks.” The second man said, “I am putting up a wall.” The third man said, with great pride, … Read More

12 Ways to Make Your Startup Pitch Stand Out

Beyond Formation Startup Pitch

The life of an entrepreneur involves a lot of pitching. Not only should you ask different types of investors for funding, but you should also leverage your contacts to land advantageous meetings, find mentors, ask for business advice, evaluate your product’s viability, and just get the word out about what you’re doing. A startup pitch can happen at any moment — … Read More

5 Big Ideas to Turn Your Business into a Startup That Scales

Beyond Formation Scale your Business

Ideas make the world go round. Without flashes of inspiration, we wouldn’t have the wheel, the lightbulb, or the Internet. A big idea is at the core of every successful business. But an idea can’t accomplish anything without a structure built around it. If you’re an early-stage startup looking to scale your business, you need more than one big idea to … Read More